Diamond pastes

Diamond pastes are used for finishing operations on functional surfaces of tools, dies, nozzles dies, and metallographic cuts. Universal pastes are suitable for machining metallic as well as for non-metallic surfaces of products. Usage of diamond pastes allows you to increase the lapping speed 2-5 times and improve the cleanliness of the machined surface. These pastes are washable with water and organic solvents (kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, and others). In our offer, you will find 5 types of diamond pastes, which differ in their quality and properties. Example of use: - finishing operations of functional surfaces of tools, molds, nozzles, dies, dies - lapping and polishing of hardened tool surfaces - lapping and polishing of injection and blow molds - lapping and polishing of cutting and bending tools - honing of shaped holes and holes
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